Episode 11- Historians and the DH with Dr. Benjamin Schmidt

Join Bridget Keown, Dan Squizzero, James Robinson, and Thanasis Kinias, with our guest this week, Dr. Benjamin Schmidt, an assistant professor of history at Northeastern University and core faculty in the NuLab for Texts, Maps and Networks. We chat about his journey into Digital Humanities, from his initial research into the moral panics about attention-span discourse of the 20th century and the use of text mining for his research. Dr. Schmidt talks about the need for quantitative research in history using technological tools. Will historians hand over quantitative analysis to the social sciences?

For More Information on the Materials Discussed in this Podcast:

Dr. Schmidt’s webpage:

Twitters to follow to keep up with Digital Humanities:

Journal of Cultural Analytics

Debates in the Digital Humanities, edited by Matthew K. Gold



Brought to you by the Northeastern Graduate History Association
Sound editing: Beka Bryer
Produced: Dan Squizzero
Music by Kieran Legg



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