Episode 17: Soviet Film and the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution with Harlow Robinson

Join us as we interview Dr. Harlow Robinson on the 100th anniversary of the Russia’s October Revolution. How is the October Revolution remembered? What is its legacy? How did Soviet filmmakers and American filmmakers interact? How did Dr. Robinson navigate academia during the Cold War? How did Russian emigres influence the study of Soviet history in the US? How is the Soviet Union remembered today? Dr. Robinson also reflects on his academic career as he approaches teaching retirement (though not writing retirement!)

Matthews Distinguished University Professor Dr. Harlow Robinson is a specialist in Soviet and Russian cultural history, and has written widely on Soviet film and the performing arts. His major publications include Sergei Prokofiev: A Biography, which has appeared in five editions; The Last Impresario: The Life, Times and Legacy of Sol Hurok; and Selected Letters of Sergei Prokofiev, which he edited and translated. His book, Russians in Hollywood: Hollywood’s Russians was published in 2007. He has also contributed numerous essays, articles and reviews to The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Opera News, Opera Quarterly, Dance, Playbill, Symphony and other publications. As a lecturer, he has appeared at the Boston Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, Philadelphia Orchestra, Los Angeles Music Center Opera, Guggenheim Museum, San Francisco Symphony, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Aspen Music Festival and Bard Festival. He has also worked as a consultant for numerous performing arts organizations, and as a writer and commentator for PBS, NPR and the Canadian Broadcasting System.


From this Episode:

Books Discussed:

The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin
by Steven Lee Myers

The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia
by Tim Tzouliadis

Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing
by Anya von Bremzen

City of Thieves
by David Benioff

A Gentleman in Moscow
by Amor Towles

The Breaking History podcast is a production of the Northeastern University History Graduate Student Association.

Producers and Sound Editors: Matt Bowser and Dan Squizzero
Theme Music: Kieran Legg


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