Episode 2: South African Resistance Art with Madelyn Stone

From this podcast:

The Art:

Paul Stopforth: Biko Series Detail (1979)


image (1)
Ezrom Legae: The Death of Freedom No. 2 (1979)
image (2).png
Helen Sebidi: Don’t Let It Go (n.d.)
image (3).png
Vuminkosi Zulu: Awaiting Trial (1976)
image (4).png
Dumile Feni: The Stricken Household: 1965

News Stories:
South Africa economy is on the brink of junk status
Why are South African students so angry?
South Africa appeals parole apartheid era assassin

Books Discussed:
Art of the South African Townships by Gavin Younge (1987)
The Neglected Tradition: Towards a New History of South African Art (1930-1988) by Steven Sack (1988)
Resistance Art in South Africa by Sue Williamson (1989)
Art and the End of Apartheid John Peffer (2009)
Biko’s Ghost: The Iconography of Black Consciousness by Shannen Hill (2015)

Brought to you by the Northeastern Graduate History Association
Featured image: Helen Sebidi, Don’t Let It Go (n.d.)
Sound Editing: Beka Bryer
Producer: Dan Squizzero
Original Music by Kieran Legg

*Correction: In this podcast, it was mentioned that a book cover was banned because of its political message. In the podcast, Ezrom Legae was credited as the artist.  It was actually Paul Stopforth. 



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